What is the Petrol Price in Gujarat?

Every state in India has shown a sharp rise in vehicular traffic over the past five years, and Gujarat is among the few at the top of the list. The petrol rate in India rising hasn’t curbed an uptick in people buying more vehicles, especially in key cities in Gujarat, like Ahmedabad. A business city, you will find a lot of owners of petrol vehicles. Nonetheless, Gujarat is one of the states of India that has not witnessed too much of a petrol price hike compared to other Indian states like Maharashtra.

Petrol Price in India

It is handy to know the petrol rate in India, whichever state you live in. This serves the purpose of knowing your travel costs if you live on a budget and want to plan your monthly spending pattern. In case you are planning to use a vehicle in another state, the following tells you about current prices of petrol (at a per litre cost) in different states of India:

  • Gujarat – Rs. 98.05
  • Maharashtra – Rs. 107.27
  • Uttar Pradesh – Rs. 98.31
  • West Bengal – Rs. 101.62
  • Karnataka – Rs. 104.71
  • Tamil Nadu – Rs. 98.97

Petrol Price Gujarat

The petrol price in Gujarat, has seen a steady decline, although just by a few paisa, in petrol prices over the past weeks. The petrol rate in Gujarat, like all the states in the country, depends on a few distinct variables that affect price. Among these are the price of crude oil itself, the taxes imposed on petrol by the state of Gujarat and the central government, the cost of fuel and freight, and exchange rates of INR/USD. Besides this, dealers in the state maintain profit margins and this is reflected in the final price of petrol that is charged to the consumer. Due to the Dynamic Fuel Policy of 2017, the petrol price in Gujarat is revised daily, at 6 am every day. You can get the daily prices of petrol through online apps or find it displayed at petrol outlets.

Petrol Price in Ahmedabad

Each state’s petrol prices contain costs of several variables that reflect the final price of petrol. All these contribute to the petrol price of that state, and as a result, cities in that state. Ahmedabad, a bustling city in the state of Gujarat, has petrol prices on the lower side and with most of the population owning personal vehicle or another, this comes as a relief. When you think of petrol prices in Ahmedabad, rates will include some key contributing factors of this price like the Value Added Tax that the state decides to charge. The other tax is levied by the centre and is called Excise Duty. There is no GST levied on petrol, whichever the state may be in India.

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