Top Things You Should Follow for Maintaining Your Tractor

Tractors are important for improving the efficiency of your agricultural operations. They help you in increasing your profitability. This equipment reduces your efforts, and you can use it for multiple purposes.

It is crucial to ensure that you maintain the tractor properly so that it works for a longer period at a nominal expense. Here are some tips that can follow:

  1. Daily check after 10–12 hours of usage
  • Inspect the oil level once theengine cools down
  • Review the glass sediment bowl under the fuel filter to check for any material or water
  • Check the windows for any blockages for hydraulic reservoir fluid levels
  • Scrutinize the water level in the radiator and refill if required
  • See if there are any leaks and damages, loose cables, or pipes
  • Clean the air cleaner and check its oil level
  1. Weekly inspection after 60–70 hours of use
  • Apply grease to the clutch shaft and bearings, fan bearing, radius cross, tie rod, front wheel hub, and brake control
  • Monitor the air pressure; refill if the pressure is low
  • Check the gearbox’s oil level and the battery’s water level
  • Review the elasticity of the fan belt
  • Clean air pressure and refill with the right grade oil
  • Drain out the water stored in oil filter through the plug
  1. Monthly inspection after 250 hours of usage
  • Observe the water in the battery; if the relative density is lower than the mark, refill with distilled water or replace the battery
  • Clean or change the primary diesel filter
  • Wash valve filters of the oil tank
  1. Three-month inspection after 1000–1200 hours of use
  • Change front wheel grease
  • Drain and replace gearbox oil and back axle
  • Replace steering oil and belt pulley
  • Clean hydraulic pump filter

Additionally, you must perform pre-monsoon and pre-winter analyses to avoid any problems. Tractors are essential for farming operations, and often you may have taken tractor loanto fund your purchase. Therefore, you need to periodically examine and maintain them for long-term use.

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