Things to know before porting to a prepaid mobile plan

Many mobile users in India use postpaid plans instead of prepaid packs because they think it eliminates the hassle of reloading their credit account. Besides, the user doesn’t have to be in constant worry of running out of credits in the middle of a phone call or a text message.

But before porting to prepaid number, every user should first understand the basics of Mobile Number Portability (MNP). So, come, let’s learn the meaning of MNP in detail below:

Today, switching to another telecom operator has become easier thanks to the brand new guidelines for Mobile Number Portability (MNP) that were made available in India from 1 January 2011. However, the national rollout of MNP across telecom circles and states took place on 3 July 2015.

With MNP, mobile users can now retain their existing number even if they wish to move to a different city or port to another telecom service. For instance, if you’re using 93249-XXXXX number on a Jio network, you can still own the same number even after switching to an Airtel service.

Now that you know the meaning of MNP, don’t rush immediately into porting to a prepaid plan. The next thing to do here is to now consider some important factors before switching.

We’ve listed some of the things that one should keep in mind before switching to a prepaid plan. Here, take a look:

  1. Check the Fair Usage Policy (FUP)

Mobile broadband uses cell towers to transmit data to gadgets such as mobiles, tablets, e-readers, etc. However, this tower cannot transfer information beyond a specific limit. If that limit is crossed, it will provide slow speed. Therefore, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) implement FUP to ensure that everybody is using mobile data in moderation.

Typically, the ISPs provide data ranging between 1.5 GB to 4 GB per day. So, it is important to keep an eye on the amount of data that is being offered under any mobile recharge plan.

  1. Look for Unlimited calling and texting 

At times, unlimited calling and texting facilities are not included in prepaid plans. So it’s important to check if these advantages are being offered or not.

Run a quick glance through the inclusions before finalising a prepaid plan. Then, choose only those mobile recharge plans with unlimited calling and texting benefits along with mobile data.

  1. Consider the Over The Top (OTT) Benefits

Recently, many telecom providers have introduced plans that give access to OTT platforms such as Disney+ Hotstar, Amazon Prime, and ZEE5. However, these OTT benefits vary from one operator to another.

If you’re someone who is a regular binge-watcher, look for mobile recharge plans that include these benefits. Then, make your buying decision accordingly.

Now, the last thing left to do here is to port to a prepaid plan. So follow these steps mentioned below in order to ensure a smooth and hassle-free porting experience:

Step 1: First things first. SMS ‘PORT’ followed by a space. Then, type the ten-digit mobile number that needs to be ported, to 1900. Once done, the users will receive the UPC on their mobile number

Step 2: Submit the Customer Acquisition Form (CAF) and Porting Form along with the valid UPC. Then, wait to receive confirmation from the MNP service about the submission of the porting request as well as the withdrawal window of 24 hours

Step 3: After submitting the necessary documents, collect the new SIM card from the telecom operator

Step 4: Insert the card into the mobile phone and wait for it to become active.

Note: Porting within a Licensed Service Area (LSA) usually takes up to three working days. Porting from one LSA to another and corporate numbers will require five days. However, it takes up to 15 days’ time in Jammu & Kashmir, Assam, and other North Eastern Licensed Service Areas.

In a nutshell, porting to prepaid plans is quite simple. But it needs to be done the right way. So, look for the best mobile recharge plans with the maximum benefits and talk to an Internet Service Provider (ISP) about switching to the desired plan, and you’re good to go!