Reducing Electricity Bills – Why the Whole Family Needs to Pitch In

Reducing Electricity Bills – Why the Whole Family Needs to Pitch In



Kids today have many more electrical toys and gadgets than we did when we were there age. That’s why it’s critical the whole family be involved in any plan towards reducing Check Mepco Bills . Without the whole family pitching in, you’ll be hard pressed to make significant change.

It wasn’t until I came across a study conducted by a national laboratory that I truly understood the cost of appliances that were plugged in but not turned on. Some of the most power hungry appliances are large television sets, computers and computer equipment, and even chargers to our iPods and cell phones consume electricity when they’re plugged into the wall waiting for our device to come back home.

As kids are acquiring these products at younger ages, they’re contributing a great deal to a home’s electricity bills and need to understand the impact their habits have not only on those bills but on the environment. Kids today are interested in protecting the environment, but they need us to help explain to them all of the ways in which we can reduce our usage of electricity. Talk to your kids about:

– How electricity is generated

– Where your electricity comes from

– What electricity does to power your home

– The items they have that consume electricity

Make discussions about electricity a family event. Go over the facts and have the kids help by coming up with ideas for  As a family, discuss the habits you want everyone to practice and review the electricity bill totals with them. Maybe not the charges – that’s up to you – but let them know how many kilowatts were used one month versus another so they can see the impact of the changes your making together.

Reducing electricity usage is great for the environment and since it can also reduce your electricity bill, it’s a win-win situation. There’s some math involved in getting into the nitty-gritty details of your electricity usage, however. Standard calculations applied monthly can guide your efforts to realize true cost savings in your electricity bill and help you reduce the amount of energy used in your home.

Make sure that you either keep your electric bills on file or have access to them online. These bills are filled with the information you need in order to find ways to save money. They establish the baseline of your current energy saving activities and can be used to help you monitor on-going improvements.