Most Popular Free Android Apps

Android maintains to dominate the mobile app market on a worldwide scale now keeping extra than 80 percent of it. Over eighty percentage of world cellphone customers opt for using Android mobiles and gadgets over the other Operating structures like iOS and Windows. The Google Play Store is now dazzling with greater than 3 million programs now serving the users in distinctive methods. However, with this large matter of programs already current at the Android App Store, it is vital for Android developers to construct particularly aggressive applications to live beforehand on this competition. It is not simply an app concept which could just work, an Android app developer must have all of the ought to-have talents and skills to turn out to be with a successful and excessive-acting utility every unmarried time with every precise commercial enterprise wishes.

Today, constructing fantastically engaging and consumer-driven visit Android applications want in-depth knowledge and information of different programming languages, tools, and technology. In fact, designing the application preserving the Android market fragmentation and distinctive Android gadgets and screen sizes in thoughts, is likewise vital to provide a easy and uniform consumer experience across all gadgets and monitors.

And all these aspects make it essential to pick an Android app developer possessing all of the must-have skills and competencies.

Now, here are the talents you ought to look for earlier than deciding on an Android software developer on your next task.

An unparalleled know-how and information of Java and Kotlin:

Both Java and Kotlin are the two mandatory programming languages for Android application improvement. And your developer ought to be secure in the use of each depending to your task requirements. The developer need to be capable of use the contemporary versions of each Java and Kotlin and need to recognise the syntax of both. This is the first most critical ability you need to look for while choosing your Android application developer.

Understanding of XML:

XML become delivered as the standard manner to encode the statistics for Android packages. It is the dependent markup language that stocks many similar functions with HTML like angled brackets, tag kinds, deep nesting of the factors, and some more. Having a deep information and knowledge of XML can assist builders to do the coding efficiently for creating the app layouts and to hold first-rate code. And this makes it important to look for a developer who has know-how in the usage of XML for growing app layouts.

Practical enjoy in the usage of Android SDK:

Android Software improvement kit or SDK is a whole toolkit that developers should recognize about. Right from designing to improvement, trying out, debugging, and deploying an application, this toolkit has gear for all. Android SDK additionally has libraries like Gradle that also ensures seamless utility improvement. And the developer you are deciding on on your assignment must recognize the way to use and plug in this entire kit for better, green, flawless, and faster application improvement.