Learn to play Poker Online – Learn from Pro at Full B Poker Academy Poker B

From beginners to experience poker players, Academy Full Poker Poker is a great resource (and free), but entertaining for you to learn to play poker, fix leakage in your game and develop additional styles and strategies.

Full tilt poker has the biggest names in poker! The same professional poker players are basically “Teacher” you at the Academy. Educational content is delivered through the following methods: lessons, sit-n-learns, challenges, sessions and podcasts.

“Lessons” are online videos presented by one pro discussing various topics, organized by “level” difficulties. This is the essence of educational content that you get from the FTP Academy. You are sure to find many interesting topics about poker games, and high quality online videos and are produced very well.

Many poker lessons have interactive “sit-n-learn”, which is basically a quiz that reviews the lessons you just took. It aims to help you review and asiaqq learn better poker concepts in related lessons. You also get a “value” on the quiz, based not only to choose the correct answer, but how fast you answer it. High scores can qualify you to play in limited freeroll tournaments available only on full slope poker.

“Challenges” are intended to make you apply certain skills that you learn in related lessons. They give you the aim of completing in the real real money table, and when you reach that goal, you get credit for them on your “My Academy” account. When you get more Credit Academy, you ride on the “Membership Level” in the Academy, giving you access to higher levels of lessons. You can also spend this credit at the FTPA store for various products related to poker and large prizes.

Finally, the “session” channel and “podcast” allows Pro FTP to share the actual game experience and real hands, comment on their minds as hands playing. The academy area is another good way for you to learn how to “think and play like a pro”.

To access Full Tilt Poker Academy (FTPA), you must have a player ID with a full slope, which means you need to download and install full Poker Tilt software application. But if you read this because you are interested in learning and increasing your poker game, chances are you already have a full slope poker account or you will want it. And FREE! So, get poker education, have fun and good luck to feel!