How Much Should I Pay for Hosting a WordPress Site in India?

All websites including WordPress sites require a good hosting service for them to function optimally. The cost of WordPress hosting in India will depend on the services and the resources sought by the website owner. While the basic domain and web hosting price are quite low, the cost of additional features and services add to the overall plan cost. So, the overall cost of WordPress hosting in India will depend on several factors including the tenure, the services offered, and the type of hosting selected.

Factors that Determine the Web Hosting Price

Web hosting is an essential requirement for all websites irrespective of their size. The only thing that differs is the quantum of resources and the features required by them to ensure smooth and optimum operations with little downtime and low latency levels.

Some factors that need to be considered when you buy WordPress hosting are:

Type of Hosting Required

You have the option of choosing from shared hosting plans or VPN hosting or managed or dedicated hosting depending on your website’s requirements and the nature of your business. While shared hosting plans are the cheapest and most suitable for small and new businesses, businesses with commercial websites or greater traffic require managed hosting or dedicated hosting plans that are costlier.

Again, if you wish to concentrate on running your business or do not have the technical knowledge and tools to manage your website, you may need managed WordPress hosting.  Managed hosting plans include the complete hosting and management of your website by the service provider.

Type of Business

New or small businesses or websites or blog sites generally have limited visitors and thus need fewer resources. They often have budget constraints too and prefer to go for shared hosting plans that are available for as low as Rs 175 per month and include all the basic resources required by a new or a small website.

Amount of Storage and Bandwidth

The amount of resources needed by a website also determines the price of a hosting plan. A plan offering limited storage will be cheaper than the one offering unmetered SSD storage. So, if you require high storage capacity for your website’s content and data, you should choose a plan accordingly.

Requirement for Additional Features

If your business has visitors from across the globe and you need to ensure that your website does not take long to load, you may require speed-boosting CDN. This may add to your cost of WordPress hosting in India.

Duration of the Plan/ Advance

Many hosting service providers offer attractive discounts when you buy hosting plans for a longer duration or pay the full amount in advance.

Level of Safety Required

If your website handles important personal information of customers and you cannot afford to compromise with its safety, you may not prefer to share your server with any other website. A dedicated server may add to your hosting cost but is worth the benefits.

You can choose a WordPress hosting plan that fits in with your budget and includes all the essential features and resources required for the smooth functioning of your website. But choosing a plan only on the basis of its web hosting price is not a wise option and may prove to be costly in the long run. A cost-benefit analysis of the various hosting plans is recommended to ensure that you choose the right plan for your website.