Get the New Apple iPad Tablet For Free

The Apple iPad was release in April 2010 amidst a surge of speculation about the device and how the public might take to it – since that date the device has gone on to sell in excess of 14 million units in its first year and has cornered 95% of the tablet marketplace. The Apple iPad offers users the opportunity to ipad trade in value view multimedia content and browse the internet on the go, it has been marketed as a midway point between the iPhone and a traditional laptop and attempts to target an audience that is looking for a larger iPhone on which to view videos and browse the web.

The main deliberation that most people have before buying the iPad is which particular model they should opt for – many people are relatively concerned about the rather paltry amount of storage offered by the iPad. The three storage capacities that you can purchase with the iPad are 16GB, 32GB and 64GB and while these may also seem relatively low and vastly smaller than the storage capacity of your average laptop at the same price, it’s important to remember that you don’t need to the iPad as a storage device, that’s not what it’s there for. The iPad is predominantly to be used as a portable device on which you can carry multimedia content and browse the internet – if the worst comes to the worst you can always link your iPad to an external hard drive.

The second consideration that many people have is whether to opt for the 3G of WiFi model of the Apple iPad. However, when it comes down to it it’s all about what you feel most comfortable with – if you are a heavy internet user then the 3G model may be more suitable, if you can wait until you are located at a WiFi hotspot, then by all means go for the WiFi model. The truth is, many iPhone owners decide to go for the smallest storage and WiFi model – they are quite content to use the 3G capabilities of their iPhones while on the move.