FDA recommends search engine to shut down online pharmacies

How will online pharmacies affect pharmaceutical industry leaders?
With cheap medicines available online, Big Pharma has lost control of its exclusive control over the pharmaceutical industry. They cannot compete with these online pharmacies for exorbitant drug prices. The FDA is working to protect these companies from online pharmacies by censoring user information online. What the FDA Does Not Know About the Internet: No one controls the Internet and the dissemination of information over the Internet. Even large search engines like Google have no control over the use of information on the Internet. Google protects and encourages freedom of speech on the Internet. Therefore, searching for products online is very good. Nowadays, you can find everything online. If the top pharmaceutical industry leaders can’t compete with the prices of online pharmacies, they https://servizio-salute.com/ should try to solve the situation themselves rather than using the FDA or exerting political pressure. What are the benefits of a website if it simply “merges” with everything else?
How good can it be? Buying medicine online is the way to the future. They eliminate the need for large pharmaceutical company structures, and hundreds of pharmaceutical companies visit hospitals and clinics daily. Comparing online pharmacies with major pharmaceutical companies is similar to comparing Toyota and BMW. Online pharmacies work like Toyota. Cheaper and more efficient. Although they are safer and better than BMW in many ways, BMW represents the prestige of Continental cars. Obviously, we need to offer cheap alternatives and branded drugs to Internet users through online pharmacies. So far, drug dealers and BMWs are rampant in the US pharmaceutical industry, but why are online pharmacies and Toyota gone?