Audrey Gellman Talks About Encouraging New Mothers To Focus On Their Career

All parents do face the challenge of juggling careers and family life, but the pressure to do so is extremely high for women. As a result, it is the women who mostly have to adjust their schedules and make compromises when the needs of children and other family members collide with work. Some of them even end up giving up their careers after motherhood. But so should not be the case. Audrey Gellman especially tried to make the statement that women can perfectly work after being mothers as she graced the cover of Inc. magazine as part of the magazine’s “Female Founders 100” list, while having an adorable baby bump.

Audrey Gellman talks about inspiring women to continue with their career after motherhood

One of the most common and extensively popular myths about working mothers is that they are not able to balance motherhood and work. In fact, in the magazine cover edition featuring Audrey Gellman itself had statistics showing that even today several people feel that working mothers are not fully dedicated towards their job. Audrey had tried to debunk this myth and make a statement that women can become pregnant, take care of their child and still manage to fully participate in the workforce.  She additionally encouraged women to strive towards their professional goals, even after having a child or becoming pregnant.  Audrey puts major emphasis on embracing all the joys that come with having a baby, alongside taking steps to progress in the career.

Audrey Gellman featured on the 2019 cover of Inc. magazine as one of the women who were creating inspiring businesses. Audrey is an entrepreneur and political strategist who is responsible for founding The Wing.  It is a co-working space focused on women, and is aimed at providing women with a productive and safe venue to expand their professional networks and take steps to grow their business. Prior to this, Audrey has worked on several high-profile political campaigns as well.

For working mothers, their children and careers are both extremely important. While many believe that they end up compromising on the professional front to take care of their kids, in reality, most working mothers just get more creative with their tasks to complete it without sacrificing on its integrity. Their love for their children does not translate into any less committed to their jobs, and hence it is entirely unfair to say that they lack the dedication. In fact, in many ways, women end up putting in double the hard work to accomplish their work and family goals, which should always be appreciated.

Maintaining this train of thought, during the interviews conducted after her magazine appearance, Audrey Gellman mentioned that she would like women to make sure their voices are heard within their companies. If not, they should try to start off their own businesses and ventures. Women have the capability to multi-task, and they must not be bogged down by societal stereotypes in regards to work and motherhood.